Nothing says fashion quite like Vogue, so when Vogue Hong Kong published Ingrid Chua's 5 vintage bag favorites, we took note!

The great thing about a lot of these vintage bags is that they are far easier to source and procure as pre-loved items than they are to score as brand new from the boutique.

Read on to see what pre-owned vintage bags you should invest in today, and why.

The global luxury handbag market had a value of $59 billion in 2019, according to a study by Research and Markets. But escalating economic and environmental concerns have slowly forced luxury consumers to rethink the way they shop, purchasing a bag that is considered a long-term investment or opting for a vintage designer piece. The latter represents a growing trend, explaining the burgeoning number of online luxury resale marketplace platforms today. To help you narrow down your choices, here are five vintage designer bags that are investment-worthy and sure to stand the test of time.

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We are the biggest fans of all things pink at The Palm Beach Trunk.  Pink always brings a sense of whimsy and fun, and some levity in a sea of dark blue, charcoal and gray.  Pink says, in her bubblegum sweet voice, "I'm the fun one, I like to play!"

We especially have a penchant for pink wallets, WOCs (Wallet on Chain), and SLGs (Small Leather Goods - think card holders, keychains, or the now ever-so-popular luxury cases for your Apple AirPods).  While we can't spend all day head to toe in pink (at least not every day), we love the little pop of color a pink SLG brings.

When we read The BagaholicBoy's latest blog, we knew we had to share!

Read on to see why....

Pink isn’t just a colour that’s just for Wednesdays, and frankly, no one’s going to stop you from wearing it daily if it truly pleases you. Now, if you’ve got a wardrobe full of pink outfits and bags but looking for something even smaller to complete the look, that’s where these 5 SLGs from some of your favourite luxury brands come in.

Starting in alphabetical order would be the Classic Small Flap Wallet(SGD1310) from Chanel, a popular favourite that returns in grained shiny calfskin (Caviar leather) for the season. Aside from the gold-tone metal found on the CC logo in front and the zip pocket at the back, the wallet is kept to a minimum on the inside, opening to a bill compartment and 6 card slots to keep everything neatly organised.

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Do you every worry that you've spent too much money on luxury?  Do you ever worry that bag investments are a waste?  If anyone has ever called your handbag investments crazy (author raises hand), tell them to slow down!  Luxury Bags are the top collectible investment, followed by stamps.

So what does that mean?

PurseBop did the research and lays it all out below.

A recent report named handbags the number one collectible investment for 2019. According to real-estate brokerage firm and wealth-researcher Knight Frank, its Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) calculated that handbag value rose 13% in 2019. For point of reference, art – perhaps like those Picassos or Renoirs hanging in your hallway – experienced an overall return of about 5%. Rare whiskey was about the same as art. And second to bags was . . . stamps. Yup, happy philatelists saw a 6% rise in value.

But let’s drill down a little on this. The first big piece of news is that handbags were even considered a luxury investment collectible.This is the first time the KFLII included bags in this ranking.

The reason for this may be even more surprising. With the explosion of the resale market, both online and the auction sales curated by mainstay famous auction houses, there are simply more points of reference for value. Or as Knight Frank’s Director of Art Market Research, Sebastian Duthy, said: “It’s only been possible to create an index on handbags now because of the frequency with which many iconic pieces are coming to auction today.”

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You've been saving forever, schmoozing with Sales Associates, and the moment you were waiting for finally arrived.  You are now the proud owner of your dream luxury bag.  Now what?

Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent.... Regardless of the brand of bag, if you bought leather, your #1 priority should be proper maintenance of the bag.  Only then will your bag hold the most possible value when you go on to resell or consign for a new piece.  Proper maintenance is also an absolute must if you want a bag you can carry forever (love a classic!!), and that looks as close to boutique fresh as possible. founder Lili shed some much needed light on the bag conditioning process and tell you all you need to know below.

Does your designer leather bag need conditioning? How do you know? The answer to this question can best be answered by your boutique sales associate where you purchased your favorite bag.

Different types of leather require different care. So you need to know the type of material or leather you are dealing with. To remove stains or to refresh the look of your bag, best to ask the sales associate for care product use information as well as referrals on how to deal with the issue you have.

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Looking to invest in a piece that will hold its value when it comes time to resell or consign?   I know whenever I buy something over $500, I always try to predict what the item will be worth when I am "done" with it.  Resale value is important to a lot of buyers who think just like me.  I want to invest in pieces that I can either a) carry forever, or b) trade or sell for new pieces in the future.

Here, Singapore's BAGAHOLICBOY breaks it down with a list of 5 Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas classics that stand the test of time.

Think of Louis Vuitton and the brand’s iconic Monogram Canvas bags immediately come to mind. As the name suggests, the material is made entirely out of canvas (no, not leather) that’s given an extra waterproof coating that allows it to withstand the test of time. Caught under the rain? No problem. Worried about the colour fading? Very unlikely, unless you subject it to prolonged exposure under the sun. Not one to pamper your bags with tender loving care? No issues as well, as Monogram Canvas is known for its strength and resilience to wear and tear, making it one of the go-to favourites of the house in recent years.
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