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Louis Vuitton Monogram Handbags The Palm Beach Trunk Designer Resale and Luxury Consignment


*image via BAGAHOLICBOY courtesy of Louis Vuitton (TM)

Looking to invest in a piece that will hold its value when it comes time to resell or consign?   I know whenever I buy something over $500, I always try to predict what the item will be worth when I am "done" with it.  Resale value is important to a lot of buyers who think just like me.  I want to invest in pieces that I can either a) carry forever, or b) trade or sell for new pieces in the future.

Here, Singapore's BAGAHOLICBOY breaks it down with a list of 5 Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas classics that stand the test of time.

Think of Louis Vuitton and the brand’s iconic Monogram Canvas bags immediately come to mind. As the name suggests, the material is made entirely out of canvas (no, not leather) that’s given an extra waterproof coating that allows it to withstand the test of time. Caught under the rain? No problem. Worried about the colour fading? Very unlikely, unless you subject it to prolonged exposure under the sun. Not one to pamper your bags with tender loving care? No issues as well, as Monogram Canvas is known for its strength and resilience to wear and tear, making it one of the go-to favourites of the house in recent years.

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