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Consignment Policy

Interested in consignment of an item?  It's easy! 

First we will evaluate your item based on photos and basic information.  If we believe we can consign your item based on our preliminary review, we will then ask you to send your item to our Delray Beach, FL office.  We'll verify authenticity via Entrupy and provide the certificate of authenticy to the new buyer.  (Please note that we WILL NOT purchase any item that is not authentic or if it is doubtful.)

Based on our review, we'll give you an offer.  If you are pleased with our upfront offer, we will pay you same day.  Or, alternatively, you can leave it on consignment for a 60/40 cut: 60% to the consignor/you. In some cases we allow the consignor to establish the minimum $ amount expected and we will guarantee that amount when sold, provided that it is possible for us to potentially draw a profit. 


Contact us via 



WhatsApp +1-646-641-4784



The Palm Beach Trunk is not a Distributor or Representative of any of the Brands or Trademarks mentioned in the content of the website. The Palm Beach Trunk only sells authentic, preowned merchandise.