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About Us


The Palm Beach Trunk was established as a designer resale and luxury consignment boutique by couple Brian & Danielle Katz after Danielle's long and hard-fought 3-year battle with Lyme Disease. 

After the disease left Danielle disabled and unable to continue on with her career in law, the couple turned their focus to what has always made Danielle happy: LUXURY!

In spite of temporarily losing her ability to read, Danielle spent countless hours throughout her illness looking at fashion, trends, and beautiful bags that put a rare smile on her face.

The Palm Beach Trunk was created with sustainability in mind, and strives to make designer luxury affordable to all who find themselves smiling at beautiful things.

Danielle & Brian now happily reside in sunny Palm Beach, Florida with their 3 rescue pups, with hopes of rescuing others.

*For more information on Lyme Disease or to donate, please visit The Global Lyme Alliance.